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Sights Of The Southern States

Sights Of The Southern States

Some of America’s states are like countries of their own. Their way of life and views totally differ from the other parts of the country, especially in the South. Here we discuss some of common differences and sights of the South.

Fast food

There is a fast food chain on nearly every corner, and the majority of the states with the highest obesity rates are positioned around the center and south of the country. This is quite literally a huge problem around the entire country, but even more so in these states.


Nowhere in America is support for gun lobby’s more prominent than in the South. There are signs of the belief in the 2nd amendment everywhere you turn. I spoke to James from BestGunSafeInfo who stated that a gun safe is something needed in a place where gun use is so prominent. Unfortunately, there is a reluctance to use one due to the belief that if you needed to access your gun fast, you wouldn’t be able to. But this is only part of the problem, and we encourage you to gun safe reviews and find the best gun safe here.


If you ever want to see roads dominated by trucks and larger vehicles, visit the south. It seems as though nearly everyone drives a fuel guzzling truck in these states and it was quite a shock to see even young mothers driving them. I do not entirely understand the purpose, but it intrigued me nonetheless.


Although it can’t really be seen, it can be felt. The southern states are known for their warm hospitality and the southern charm. They know exactly how to make people feel right at home, even when they are miles away from their own home. I remember a situation where I visited a friend in Texas and was asked by her parents to stay for an additional week. They cooked for me and cleaned my clothes, and I have never felt less of a burden than when I stayed there.