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A Walk Down Rodeo Drive

A Walk Down Rodeo Drive

America is the place where anyone can be anything they want. It is the place you go to make your wildest dreams a reality, and no where is this more true than in Los Angeles. This is the city of glamor. To be seen without a designer handbag would be committing the worst crime that is known the man.

And yet, the city faces massive problems. It is a center of violence, crime and drugs. It also faces a homelessness epidemic – home to 47,000 homeless people it is one of the largest homeless population in the country. The article that was just linked to has some interesting reasoning on what needs to happen to control the homeless population in America.

But what about the glamor of Hollywood?

A walk down Rodeo Drive serves as a memory of what this city is known for. Not just a parallel of theĀ southern states but of itself too. Standing beside the items that not even a middle class earner could afford is a man begging for a dollar. It is one of the most bizarre contrasts in the country if you open your eyes to it.

Still, Rodeo Drive maintains its charm and offers and opportunity to escape the real world. But this is the most important point of all – it is simply not the real world.

Once you leave the designer goods where a pair of shoes costs what a normal person spends in a year, you are again confronted with the situation that is really at hand. That the materialistic and consumerist society that we live in has dominated our greater judgement. We want to be seen wearing the top clothes, the best brands and with the best hair and make up to match. But what we forget is those that are left behind.

Rodeo Drive offers a nice escape from reality, but it is not reality.