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“What made you smile today?”

Photos and interviews by Erik Gould


“A man came up and asked me if I needed a cup a coffee. Which he bought for me, that was very nice on such a cold and snowy day. That made me smile.”


“Not so much until maybe just now! I am glad to find out about Street Sights and to see people trying to help the homeless out.”


“Well I’m trying to get home and I’ve had a rough morning, but when I get home to West Warwick I’ll feel better.”


“Was there one point where you realized you had to turn things around for yourself?”

Photos and Interviews by Erik Gould

“Yes. Before I came to the Amos House I was in another program, it was only for 3 months and I felt I needed more, I needed more stability and more structure to continue in my recovery and so I called the Amos House. Two days after the first program I got in and it was a blessing because I had nowhere else to go. I have a four-year-old daughter and being in this program has helped me become connected to her. Now, my mother has her. This program has helped me put a roof over my head and when my daughter comes I have a room for her to stay.

Her name is Blessing, I’ve come a long way with that little girl. Through the transition program I’m able to work and save money so that when I do get my daughter I’ll be able to take care of her and myself. Working in the restaurant industry wasn’t the field that I first wanted to go into, but I’ve grown to like it. I think I’ll be very successful at it. I’m grateful for this place, I don’t know where I would be without it.” Continue reading ‘“Was there one point where you realized you had to turn things around for yourself?”’


Are You Going to Celebrate the 4th of July?

Kate (top left): I’m going to take my kids to the parade in Bristol.

Ransom: I’ll probably have a barbecue or something for the family. I’ll go to church in the morning, and then have a cookout.

Cara (bottom left): Oh yes! Barbecues with family and friends, cookouts, lots of food!

Linda: Yes. I don’t know how yet. I’ll probably watch the parade on TV.

Joel (top right): Damn right! I’m going to buy some fireworks because they are legal now, and I’m probably going to go to Roger Williams Park. I love Roger Williams Park. There will be a lot of people doing the same.

Al (bottom right): Sure. I’m thinking of going down to Bristol and checking out that Fourth of July parade, maybe drinking some ices coffee and watch the parade for four hours. I’ve never seen it before.


Now that it is getting warmer, what are you most looking forward to with the weather?

(clockwise from top left)

“Happy to be back on the street. My brother lets me stay at his place, but I’ll be glad to be out again. Plus there’s more work when it’s nicer out.”

– Allan Watson

“Looking forward to going out of the shelter when it isn’t raining andeverything gets soaked and takes days to dry out. Especially great not to have soaking wet shoes and socks. It’s also nice to see the girls out in their skirts and summer clothes!”

– Paul M.

“It’s great to go out without a jacket on. I’m sick of wearing a heavy coat all the time. I’m also looking forward to wearing flip-flops.”

– Chrystal M.

“It’s good to be out when it’s warm, but I don’t like it when it’s too warm, I have asthma, so it’s hard to breathe sometimes when it’s hot.”

– John St. George


Roving Reporter: What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Julie Pritchard and Kevin Montero

“I want to handle my finances better, to better provide for my family.”
- Justin

“I want to try to pay attention in class more.”
- Dylan

“I want to get better at Math.”
- Maggie
Continue reading ‘Roving Reporter: What’s your New Year’s Resolution?’