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Meet the Staff: Fred Pece

By Fred Pece
My name is Fred Pece and I have been a volunteer at Street Sights Newspaper since 2008. I help out any way that I can by distributing papers, keeping the peace at meetings, and occasionally I also collaborate with Stan to create poems for the paper. I was homeless, but now I am living in a nice apartment near the V.A. Hospital. It has been an honor to be on the Staff at Street Sights.

Meet the Staff: Cassandra Tribe

My name is Cassandra Tribe and I think the simplest thing that can be said about me is that I wear a lot of different hats.

I came to volunteer at Street Sights after finding them online one night when I was looking for a way to give back to the world from some of what I feel I have been blessed with receiving. Blessings are not always gilded things; sometimes it is the scorched and tarnished ones that have the most worth. The issue of homelessness is one I care about deeply, both from my own experience with poverty and homelessness and as the human rights activist I have become. I am a staff writer, technical advisor, style queen, and help deliver the newspaper.

I am also a poet, video artist, writer and essayist. I am the founder of LoveandWords, the Little Flower Presents, founder and senior pastor of Grace Independent and director of holistic-e-care. Continue reading ‘Meet the Staff: Cassandra Tribe’


Meet the Staff: Melissa Howard

My name is Melissa Howard. I am a mother of four children.

Living in poverty most of my life helped me understand the struggles of today’s families.

My first real experience with homelessness as an adult was when I was in my early twenties. When I was on the street there wasn’t anywhere I could go to find out where to go to get food, clothes or anything else I might need to help me. It was all word of mouth. When I finally got off the streets, I was about twenty-five years old. I got off the street with the help of a friend.

Since my experience, I always wanted to give back and to help people who are still out there, trying to make it. That was when I heard about Street Sights through friends and family.

I sent in a poem, got involved in their journalism class and have been volunteering for almost two years now. I really enjoy volunteering at Street Sights. The people are great to work with and it gives the opportunities to get information out there for people who otherwise would just hear it through word of mouth.


Meet the Staff: Louisa

My name is Louisa. I have been with Street Sights for about three and a half years, ever since I moved to Providence to go school at Brown University. I was born in Portland, Maine, and before coming to Rhode Island I lived in a small town outside of Portland with my parents, younger brother, and our yellow lab.

I got involved with Street Sights through a Brown student group called HOPE, or Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere. Back in the fall of 2007, Street Sights was a lot smaller than it is today, but I was immediately hooked. I have loved getting to know all the people I meet through Street Sights, and it’s always fun when someone new comes to our meetings. Continue reading ‘Meet the Staff: Louisa’


Meet the Staff: JoAnn

Hi, I am JoAnn and I’m 55 years old. I am a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 6.

I became homeless December 5, 2005 after my husband died from liver cancer. Spending a year staying with friends recovering from surgery, then entered the shelter system in October 2006. Now I am living in the towers at Crossroads.

I started writing for Street Sights in November 2007 as a Staff Writer. I have been writing all my school life and with Street Sights I started again and started to write poetry once more. I write for Street Sights to leave the homeless situation better, for the folks coming in after me.


Meet the Staff: Kim

My name is Kim. I come from Vietnam to Rhode Island to get a higher education at Johnson & Wales University.  Not for long after arriving Providence, I start seeing many homeless curl up in the corner of the street at night; I start hearing about robbery news and many other social issues problems within Providence.

My country, Vietnam, also has many similar problems.  Inspire by thought that if I could involve and help Providence today, then one day I could do the same to my community back home.   Continue reading ‘Meet the Staff: Kim’


Meet the Staff: Stan

My name is Stan Kapelewski and I have been volunteering with Street Sights since its beginning in March of 2007. I am the Creative Writing Editor and really enjoy giving people a chance to express their feelings in poems that they write.

When I first started editing I was homeless and put myself through transitional housing, which finally lead me to a nice 2 bedroom apartment of my own. It is a joy to see the people that put in the poems opening up the paper and showing their published poems to all of their friends.