About Us

Street Sights is Rhode Island’s street newspaper. It serves as a forum for advocates, homeless and formerly homeless individuals, students, state officials, and the general public to share accurate and honest information about homelessness issues. Our goal is to shed light on a subject not often addressed and, to some degree, ignored. We aim to provoke discussion and give a voice to the voiceless in our community. We provide a space free of judgment in which we recognize the dignity and worth of each person and in doing so we empower the group as a whole.

Street Sights publishes articles dealing with the issues that affect the homeless and formerly homeless community in Rhode Island.

We publish one 16-page issue every month and distribute 3500 copies at over 60 locations around Rhode Island, primarily soup kitchens and shelters, but also community spots like libraries and coffee shops. The paper is free to the public at those locations, but much of our funding comes from people and organizations who choose to subscribe to or sponsor the paper.

Most of our staff and contributors are currently or formerly homeless. For example, approximately 75% of the at least 85 unique individuals who contributed to the 13 issues of Street Sights between March 2007 and August 2008 are homeless or were at one time. Contributions to Street Sights, in the form of articles, poems, photographs and artwork, also come from advocates, activists, students and other members of the Providence community.

The people who work on Street Sights reflect our vision of empowerment – with people from all walks of life, everyone can learn from each other. At Street Sights, members of our staff have learned to use a computer, to type, to take photographs, to conduct interviews, to write articles, and more.

Everyone is welcome to get involved.

To contact us, please email us at streetsights@gmail.com or call (401) 421-6458. You are also welcome to submit your work or ideas for the paper on our submission page.