Profile: Sue Lavoie

By Andrew Spooner

The best way to describe Sue Lavoie is energetic and joyful. She is always quick to offer her wonderful smile that brightens and welcomes those who meet her at Oasis, on North Main Street. Once you meet Sue you will be encouraged by her positive energy and style. She is always upbeat for whatever celebration that is going on at Oasis. She is a team player as she goes about her cleaning duties and completes the task she is assigned, without complaining.

Whenever possible she enjoys helping others, as she has done over the years at the local parishes like St. Johns kitchen, and other soup kitchens.  Sue says she loves Christmas because of the children: she watches them and shares their joy.

At her home she takes care of two parakeet lovebirds, she says that they are good companions. Sue also enjoys eating out at Gregg’s restaurant in Providence with her friends. She also enjoys watching the ice skaters and all the other downtown festivities.  Sue revealed to me that she was an avid dancer in her younger days and never turned down a shuffle with a handsome gentleman. With this article we give honorable mention and admiration to Sue Lavoie.


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