Homeless Memorial Service

Held on January 26th was a memorial at the Beneficent Church to honor the 48 people who passed away during 2010.

It was a non-denominational service, with approximately 150 attending. For 10 years there has been a memorial service held for those who passed away, from various circumstances.

This year was extremely sad for the numbers were staggering.  Each candle that was lit with a name had an additional candle lit for the ones that were unknown or forgotten and thus remembered.

Carelton Freese gave a beautiful rendition of “Hallelujah” composed by Leonard Freeman.

David Eisenberger, Streets Sights staff writer, performed the live poetry reading, “Another Life Lost & The Sadness.”  The cover eulogy, “In His Hands,” was dedicated to Streets Sights staff writer, Arline Bolvin, who tragically passed last year.

This year there is a glimmer of hope with the State Senate Hearings spearheaded by Senator John J. Tassoni Jr. It appears that the political section has seen what conditions of the shelters actually are.

Another glimmer of hope, The Emmanuel Shelter has expanded its safe capacity from 16 to 35, so less people will be exposed to the elements. This has been one harsh winter.

48 candles… this writer’s reflection:  Even if it was only one candle, it’s one candle too many.  We need to rediscover love, and put the human back into humanity.

A big Thank You to the following providers, which helped made this event go smoothly.  Johnson and Wales University, Feinstein Community Service Center, Beneficent Church, Music Director Susan Carroll, RICH, Homeless Memorial Day Committee, Street Sights and all the many volunteers.


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