An Extraordinary Love; The Levi and Angie Story…Nov 13th


What can I say about Detective Levi Olsen? From the moment, five months ago, when he stepped off the elevator and into my life, he has rocked my world. He has a swag about him that’s mysterious and dangerous at the same time. At first, I didn’t understand why he had such a fear of losing control until he showed me his secret. Even then, I found myself being drawn to him like a moth to a flame. He didn’t care about the jaded life style I was born into. I couldn’t have asked for a better man. At least that’s what I thought, until he disappeared with the woman I hated most, Nevaeh.

How could Levi betray me? I had hopes of us becoming a happy family, but there’s no way in hell, I could stay. Then again…maybe it’s better this way. There’s so much more to me than he realizes. If he knew all of my secrets, I’m sure he would second guess his decision to be with me, just like with all my other failed relationships before him. All of my time and energy needs to be spent on being there for my daughter, Luna.

If Angie thinks that I’m going to sit by and let her get away from me, she’s out of her damn mind. I’ve waited and prayed for someone like her to come into my life. Other women thought they could handle me and my past, but when I showed them, they all ran away. All of them, except, Angie. In fact, my true self excited her. Even after I got over the initial shock of her daughter, I accepted Luna because she is a part of Angie. Now, if she thinks I’m going to let the vengeful lies of one woman come between us, then I’ll have to prove Angie wrong. She belongs to me! I’m willing to use any means to show her that; even if it means doing something that may have her questioning my loyalty, as long as I know that it’s best for her in the end.

An Extraordinary Love
An Extraordinary Love

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The Ins and Outs of Electric Trolling Motors

Electric Trolling Motors
Electric Trolling Motors

Our freshwater pals have been thrilled in the numerous merits of electric trolling engines for a considerable length of time. Effortless and calm with exceptional flexibility, these engines permit fishermen to trail restless fish in some extremely tough places. Despite the fact that a couple of discerning individuals began utilizing freshwater engines in salt waters numerous years earlier, the outcomes weren’t extremely promising. Maximum freshwater versions couldn’t endure the unforgiving surroundings for over a year and finally acceding to oxidization. It wasn’t long though when advances in anti-corrosive innovation and an all the more tolerating mentality among saltwater fundamentalists took into account the multiplication of trolling engines in the seafaring setting.


Attempting to position something as large and clumsy as a trolling engine on the perfect deck of a pads rowboat can give an assistant the nerves. Some fishermen post two engines on the rear of their boat through the two “ears” that are fastened to the platform tower. This way the engines let the fishermen work unobtrusively, without switching on the outboard.

When Tarpon season closes, these fishermen focus on Snook and Redfish and the engine necessities change in like manner. So, they place one of the engines up on the bow, to evade any hole boring.

Whether you pick bow or transom mounts, every choice accompanies its own particular arrangement of issues. Bow mounts are enormous and revolting and jumble up the deck, whereas transom mounts have restricted mobility and must be hauled up and shifted each time you switch locations. These issues drove many anglers to add to a line of trolling engines fixed on trim tabs to keep the clamor in the back of the watercraft far from the throwing deck.

Mounting on rare trim tabs has also a minor edge to keep the trolling engines up and past the waves when the vessel’s moving. The comprehensive selection proposed by the piston, plunges the engines sufficiently to operate and keeps them adequately high out of the splash to abstain from bringing on any controlling issues. To sweeten the deal even further, the piston experiences its full scope of movement in only five seconds.

Another late advancement on the trolling engine scene is the appearances of trolling engines that can “perceive.” Some companies make positioning motors that utilize five sonar transducers put in the engine’s lower component to monitor base forms, shorelines or riverbeds.


1. On the drawback, trolling engines can create voids in harsh water if your pole is too short, creating clamor and disturbing fish. Many individuals over-utilize their engines, particularly at great velocities. When you’re hurtling alongside all that energy, you must be watchful of bringing about a cluster of commotion from the hull slap. And let’s be honest, they are not that alluring or off the beaten path when fixed on the bow or transom.

2. Be that as it may, there are numerous more motivations to utilizing a decent trolling engine in salt water than there are motives not to. Electric engines permit you to make more progress in a day than a great many people can with a push pole, and the engine doesn’t get exhausted.

3. They are likewise incredible in deep water circumstances where you’d experience difficulty utilizing a shaft.

4. Posts can likewise make hullabaloo when you’re above rigid base, while trolling engines murmur discreetly along.

5. At the point when entrapped to fish, you can get 70 or 80 pounds of propulsion moving you in the course you require, in a flash, an incredible favorable position when you’re attempting to hold a fish out of the swamps.

6. References: best trolling motor battery

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My Organic Gardening

I’ve not spent much time in the garden lately but today I did a some catching up. I discovered a tomato. Where there’s one, there’re a dozen. Looking forward to a good harvest. I’ve only watered once this year, and the soil is still moist beneath my deep straw mulch.
The straw mulch didn’t seem to agree with my strawberries. They’re growing better since I pulled back mulch. I’ve decided to leave a few runners to make up for dinner of the plants I’ve lost. I moved a volunteer strawberry for the carrot patch over to the main bed. It’s a bit spindly, so it’s chance of survival is iffy. I watered today and gave each plant 20 ounces of Alaska fish fertilizer diluted to about half the strength recommended on the label. Even after the green manure, compost and peat moss, the soil has a waxy clay texture. Good thing that it’s chock full of earthworms.
A month ( or has it been 3 weeks?) and no parsnips have sprouted. I may try again this week. I may soak the seeds first, or rig some old window screens to provide some shade.
I watered my melons today, and fed them some fish emulsion. They’re putting I their first set of flowers. It’s the second set that makes fruit. Our old handyman told me to water melons pretty heavy while they’re vining out. They’re behind where they were at this time last year, but they’re healthy. Fingers crossed.
I scraped up a wheelbarrowful of equal parts compost and leaf mould. I’m not sure what to do with it. I may top dress the strawberries to mellow that waxy clay. I may add it to my former potato bed. I scratch it into the bed where my parsnips should be.
It’s black gold. I need to use it wisely.
I need to clean up my potato bed. It’ll be a nice project for my lunch breaks in the coming week.
I’ve let a few volunteer sunflowers grow where they sprouted. Danny, and my sister think they look weedy. One’s about to flower. If it doesn’t make a good show I’ll cut them down.
Mother in law’s daylilies are slower to bloom than I thought., but they’ll make a pleasant summer show just outside our back door. Looking forward to it. This is their 3rd year in the ground. I was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen.I

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