Welcome to Street Sights

The artists, photographers, and poets of Street Sights have merged their talents to create a colorful 2009 wall calendar that is now on sale as a fundraiser for the newspaper. Calendars cost $10 each.

The calendar was made possible with financial assistance from Amos House, for which Street Sights is very grateful.
Each month of the calendar has a poem by a homeless or formerly homeless person, a photo of the poet, and a biography. The goal of this calendar is to make Street Sights more visible so that we may better serve people who are truly in need.
All the proceeds go to maintaining Street Sights and promoting the newspaper’s mission to shed light about the problem of homelessness.

“The Street Sights calendar is beautiful and useful, but that is just part of the story,” said the newspaper’s editors. “It also is an example of the way people can work together and empower themselves to achieve a worthy goal. The staff did not know at the start how to create a calendar and organize a fundraiser, but they figured it out together because they are dedicated to our mission to shed light, to give a voice of the voiceless, and to recognize the dignity and worth of each person.

Calendars are on sale at m
any of our wonderful locations around the country. At least 85 unique individuals have contributed to the 13 issues of Street Sights between March 2007 and August 2008 in the form of articles, poems, art, and opinions. Approximately 75% of these people are currently or formerly homeless. Others are advocates, activists, students, and other members of the Providence community.


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Street Sights offers a special thanks to Nathan Bastien for his artistic work, to our poets, and to the organizations that agreed to serve as outlets to sell the calendars.